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Category   SLO2
Year 1979
Group 4



Yesterday : Ari VATANEN / David RICHARDS - Rallye Monte-Carlo 1980

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Publimmo, a Monegasque real estate company, began by helping Jean-Pierre Nicolas during the 1978 season. In 1979 Raymond Rué, its manager, bought from Boreham the 2 Escort 1800 RS group 4 which entered in Monte-Carlo Rally (VHK 47S and VHK 74S).

In 1980, they entered the Monegasque classic for "Ray" - Gandolfo and Vatanen-Richards. Neither of them will see the finish, Vatanen's diving under a bridge. The photo is famous ...

With the HD Historic Team, Sylvain Bulle is a regular at the Festival..


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