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Reinhard KLEIN / Ursula KLEINMANNS (D/D)

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Year 1985
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Yesterday : Tony POND / Rob ARTHUR - Rac Rally 1986

When British Leyland is looking for a replacement for the Triumph TR7 V8, it entrusts Williams GP Engineering with the study of its future Gr B. Patrick Head, the engineer, chooses a large naturally aspirated engine, a guarantee of flexibility and reliability. , at a time when almost all competitors rely on the turbocharger. For a time considered, the Honda V6 was finally abandoned in favor of the Rover aluminum 3.5-litre V8, with two cylinders missing. Reduced to 2991 cm3, it is installed in the rear central position.

The Metro 6R4 made its home debut at the 1985 RAC. Tony Pond brought the newcomer to the third step of the podium. This will be the best result obtained in the World Championship.

In 1986, the first five events ended in as many retirements. The best result will be attributed to Tony Pond, once again at RAC, where he finished 6th.

The Metro 6R4 was handicapped by its short wheelbase which made it nervous and a deficit of a hundred horsepower to be able to fight against the 205 turbo 16 and other Delta S4.

Reinhard KLEIN's 6R4 is basically a Clubman version (chassis n°92) of 240 hp. It has been improved and now develops 330 CV against 400 for the factory version. It is thus perfectly reliable and ensures the spectacle of the many events in which its pilot participates. Since 1982, he has taken part in nearly 90 events.


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