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Jean-Pierre BALLET / Jérôme BALLET (F/F)

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Year 1986
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Yesterday : Jean-Pierre BALLET / Marie-Christine LALLEMENT - Critérium des Cévennes 1986

This car is basically a 200 series (number S36) but with a body and suspensions from Evolution 1. It was fitted with the PTS 300 horsepower kit and prepared by Michel ENJOLRAS and Danielson. It also has a short box. The GCAP (Groupement des Concessionnaires Automobiles Peugeot) entered it for Jean-Pierre BALLET in the 1986 French Land Rally Championship, of which he won 3 rounds. He also made two tarmac forays, winning the Tour Auto de la Réunion and finishing 5th in the Cévennes.

The car then joined the MOUGINS Museum before being sold to a Japanese collector. The Enjolras team, which was in charge of it now in 1986, completely restored this car so that Jean-Pierre BALLET could take the wheel again during our Festival.


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