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Laurent LOUBET / Manuel FERNANDES (F/F)  

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Year 1987
Group B



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Yesterday : Stig BLOMQVIST / Benny MELANDER - Rallye de Suède 1986

Masterminded by its European Motor Sports boss, Stuart Turner, the RS200 was Ford's ambitious attempt at producing a championship winning Group B rally car. Overseen by Ford Motor Sports Chief Engineer, John Wheeler, the RS200 project commenced in 1983 with production of 200 cars planned in order to meet Group B requirements, hence the name. The design, by Tony Southgate, eventually crystallised as a compact mid-engined coupé powered by a turbo-charged version of the 1.8-litre 16-valve Cosworth BDA engine (the BDT) and equipped with four-wheel drive. This engine produced 250bhp in road going trim with up to 500bhp available in rally tune.

Following the abrupt shutdown of Group B, Ford struggled to sell these cars. The Canadian importer then had the idea of marketing a series of 20 copies which were to be the best RS200s produced. In addition to improved equipment (air conditioning, bucket seats, etc.), these 20 cars were distinguished by a power gain of 100 horsepower.

Jacques Loubet is the proud owner of one of these rare examples which he presents to us in a configuration identical to that used by Stig Blomqvist during the 1986 season.

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