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Yesterday : Jean-François PIOT /Jean TODT- Rallye Monte Carlo 1969

The new Ford Escort had quite a hard time against the pure sports cars Porsche 911 and Renault Alpine with more power, less weight and better traction due to their rear engine at the Rally Monte Carlo in 1969. But nevertheless Piot-Todt managed a nice fourth place. Ahead of them were only two 911s and an A110. The position of the rally plate on the roof was remarkable. At the time, these were made of sheet metal, but it was anything but an aerodynamic solution.

Michel Smeets found this Escort MK1 as a rally car in a workshop. He was there to buy a Mercedes SLK, but came home with the Escort! The car had originally been bought new by a Dutch family, as a production 1300 in orange. But as it always happens, after a few years it was exchanged for something new and the new buyer changed the road car into a rally car. Then the MK1 was sold to Belgium, where it got a 1600 engine. As always, lack of money was the reason it ended up in a barn. After many years, an English buyer found the car and brought it home. The history there is unknown, but it was painted like the factory Escorts, white with various blue stripes. Because it was left-hand drive, it came back to Holland and got a 2-litre Pinto engine. But rallying, time and rust were no friends of this Escort and it needed new inner wings, a new gearbox and much more. Also the cage was not allowed in Holland and was therefore replaced by one from Safety Device. Michel Smeets finally decided to make an exact copy of the 1969 Piot-Todt Ford from the Monte Carlo Rally.

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