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Yesterday : Pierre MENY / Jean-François LIENERE - Rallye Monte-Carlo 1980

"Pilou" and "Mimile" return to the Alpine A310.

It might be the title of a comic book, but it’s the story of a great reunion. "Pilou" is Pierre MENY, the talented driver from Gérardmer, who in the 1970s and 1980s was among the best amateur drivers in France. He won a lot of rallies with an Alpine or a Renault 5 turbo, always prepared by him, becoming over time a privileged client of the Régie Renault.
"Mimile" is Jean-François LIENERE. From Gérardmer too, he spent a large part of his career as a co-driver with Pierre MENY, before taking his place to the right of François CHATRIOT. From the seat of the Renault 5 Tour de Corse, he will jump into the chair of Team Manager of the Diac team, before becoming responsible for the Renault Sport Competition Department. When the rally program was set aside, he joined Citroën Racing, still within the Customer Competition department.
If Pierre MENY and Jean-François LIENERE together mainly raced in the French Championship, in 1980 they tried the experience of the World Championship at the Monte-Carlo Rally. That year, the richly endowed Renault Sport Trophy was the goal of the season and the winter classic was to earn big points. The A310, entered in group 3, will unfortunately not see the port of Monaco, but the duo will nevertheless win the coveted Trophy after a rich season of 16 rallies.
At the end of the 2017 edition in which they took part with a A310, Pierre MENY and Jean-François LIENERE decided to compete in the 2019 edition with a replica of the Monte-Carlo car. It took almost two years to complete the project and 40 years later, "Pilou" and "Mimile" can recall many memories in the cabin of the Alpine.


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