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Year 1983
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Yesterday : François CHAUCHE / Thierry BARJOU - Criterium Alpin – Jean Behra 1983

If in the minds of the greatest number group B is synonymous with monsters stuffed with horspower, it is to forget that its smallest class accommodated small bombs which in spite of their sizes and their powers were real beasts of race. In 1982, Talbot gave priority to members of Peugeot Talbot Sport clubs with the first 200 units of the rally version of the Samba. These 200 copies allow group B homologation. Peugeot France dealers are entering a car for François CHAUCHE in a selection of asphalt and gravel events. The 1219 cc engine is rebored to 1298 cc at the limit of the displacement class. It develops 125 horsepower for a torque of 13 mkg. The massive use of polyester and plexiglass makes it possible to reach the minimum weight of 675 kg.

Gerald PHILIPPE is passionate about the Samba Rallye. He owns several models which he engages in historical events. He chose to present this rare EVO1, a replica of the car used by François CHAUCHE during the 1983 season.


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