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Yesterday : Jean-François PIOT / Claude ROURE - Rallye des Fleurs Sanremo 1967

The Renault 8 Gordini had a glorious career. The 1967 Flower Rally, which in 1968 became the Sanremo Rally, was won by Jean-François Piot in one of these rear-engined cars. Later in the year, Piot and the R8 also won the Munich-Vienna-Budapest Tri-Town Rally.
Unfortunately, that year the FIA did not organize a Manufacturers' Championship otherwise Renault and the R8 were among the best contenders for the title.
Almost 50 years ago, in 1969, Alain Bohn and Patrick Boehmann took part in their first rally on an R8. The crew then moved on to the R12, a BMW 2002 and various Porsches, but the R8 has always had a place in their hearts.

In 1984, Alain Bohn bought this car in Group 5 configuration and in fair condition to convert it to Group 2. The car was restored and received some improvements (large brakes, self-locking).

Faithful since the first edition, he is again at the start, with Sylvie WASSER.


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