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Year 1971
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Yesterday : Patrick TAMBAY / Gérard MARION - Rallye Monte Carlo 1973

July 18, 1970: It's G-Day! On this day, the R8 Gordini is replaced by the R12 Gordini. A hell of a revolution. From everything at the back, we go to everything at the front. Even the exhaust goes to the front in the Coupe version. It is in the circuit, with the Coupe R12, that the R12 has made most of its career. His appearances in rallying are rarer, but nevertheless noticed.

In 1973, Patrick TAMBAY, who was on the befining of his second Formula 3 season, was offered the opportunity to compete in the Monte Carlo Rally at the wheel of a group 2 R12 Gordini. A second car was entered for Jean RAGNOTTI.

Completely new to rallying, he will discover the car (which previously raced in Eastern Europe) as well as its driving, during the concentration course. As the crew heads for Monaco, the R12's engine gives up soul. It is replaced for the rally by a stock engine. This undoubtedly made it easier for the racer to take control of the car, who was not spared the worries. In addition to having almost got stuck in the snowstorm at Burzet, he was forced to cover half of the additional course with a gearbox stuck in 3rd gear. A 20th place will reward his efforts.

Jean-Marc FRITZ has reproduced this rare rally car with great care. As every year, he entrusts it to Jean-Marc DURR, well known in the East, where he has skimmed the rallies behind the wheel of many models of the diamond brand.


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