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Yesterday : Bjorn ‘Nalle’ JOHANSSON / Olsson ANDERS - Rallye de Suède 1993

The Mazda 323 GT-R was to take over from the 323 GTX in the World Rally Championship. As in previous years, Hannu Mikkola was to be the driver. But at the end of 1992, Mazda suddenly decided to withdraw from competition. The 323 GT-R will never be officially entered by the factory. It will nevertheless make the happiness of a few pilots who were able to acquire the units already built. Like Bjorn ‘Nalle’ Johansson who finished 5th in the 1993 Swedish Rally driving a 323 GT-R and who still owns this car today which he still competes in rallies.

Peter STAKELBEEK has been passionate about the automobile since he was a teenager. A mechanic by trade, he has restored many cars for his pleasure. While on vacation in Germany he discovered the Eifel Rallye Festival. It was a revelation! As Groups B were off budget, he set out to find an original Group A. It was in Slovakia that he found this Mazda in 2017. For several months he worked on it to get it back into the Rally Sweden setup. He has since taken part in numerous "Rally for Kids" in the Netherlands. Those are events for children with serious illness to give them a great day and have them forget about their conditions for a moment. These events are organized at small circuits, or old airfields.

Today this big-hearted driver takes a new step in his passion by taking part in a rally for the first time. He will be codrived by his wife Hannelore who will know how to give the right tempo!


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