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Olivier STOCKER / Pascal SEYLLER (F/F)

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Year 1995
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Yesterday : Sébastien LOEB / Christophe SCHNEIDER - Rallye des Vins Mâcon 1997

The story is well known: in 1997, convinced of the talent of young Sébastien LOEB after two failures in the final of the Rallye Jeune, Dominique HEINTZ and Rémi MAMMOSSER decided to buy from Marylise TREMBAY, the 1995 female winner, her car in order to enter the Volant 106 Rallye. This year is a season of transition for the Volant which accepts the old 106 1300 cm3 alongside the new 1600 cm3. Under these conditions, difficult to compete, but the young driver achieves feats, winning in each of his first three appearances the small class. In the fall, thanks to Gérard ZIPPER, a patron who is also a loyal competitor of the Festival, a 106 1600 cm3 will replace the 1300. History was on the move and the old car will continue its career with several drivers who did not suspect that they had the car of a future World Champion in their hands.

In 2008, Olivier STOCKER bought this piece of rally history. He patiently and meticulously restored it to put it back in the configuration of the 1997 Rallye des Vins Mâcon. 


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