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Yesterday : Guy FREQUELIN / Jean TODT - Tour de Corse 1981

Back in 1978 Chrysler UK wanted to win Rallies again and went for the little Sunbeam and put a 2,2 liter Lotus engine in it. Than in 1979 the company was sold to Peugeot and the Frensh had the saying. They renamed it to Talbot, a famous name from the past. The outstanding achievement of the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus was the win of the World Rally Championship for manufacturers in 1981, in a time when everyone was talking, planning or trying exotic Group B cars. The Talbot was a very compact machine and in the hands of Henri Toivonen it demonstrated impossible slides.

Peter Schlömer rebuilt this replica from a road car to perfect original conditions and made it also reliable, driving it almost as sideways as Henri Toivonen did in his best days. The works rear axle was rebuilt from Jaguar units and even the double exhaust system of the works cars was duplicated.


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