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Yesterday : Kalle GRUNDEL / Peter DIEKMANN - Championnat d'Allemagne 1985

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At the end of 1985, the dynamic German subsidiary of Peugeot decided to conquer the national title. The lion brand with the car to win: the 205 turbo 16 which made a remarkable entry into the World Championship. The car, prepared by the PTS in Boulogne, will be entrusted to the most Latin of Swedish drivers, Kalle Grundel. Peter Diekmann will be the co-driver. Ten events are on the program. Only a retirement at Metz Rallye prevented the full card. These excellent results earned Grundel a replacement for Vatanen in the factory team after his accident in Argentina.

In 1987, the Swedish driver will join Ford and Michèle Mouton will take his place in the 205 Turbo 16. First in the Monte Carlo Rally, then for a new victorious campaign in the German Championship.

After the 1985 season, this Peugeot 205 T16 remained for many years with Peugeot Germany in Saarbrücken and later, with the company's move and merger with Citroën, in Cologne. It has been exhibited several times to the public. But Peugeot was unable to run it and eventually sold it to Ludwig Biewen who put it back in the 1985 configuration. The Alsace Rallye Festival will be one of the car's first outings.

The exceptional track record makes this chassis #13 the Evo1 having won the most events.


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