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Jürgen NOLL / Paul TENBERGE (D/D)

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Year 1961
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Yesterday : Ewy ROSQVIST/Monika WALLRAF - Rallye Monte-Carlo 1961

The Monte Carlo of 1961 was a typical event for the early 60s when rally organisers were still looking for the right mode to run their event. The organising club was certain that it was impossible to match the given average speeds so the surprise was huge when 85 teams (!) finished the event without any penalties. Thus a coefficient mode had to cater for the results which clearly favoured cars with a low weight, a small or a two-stroke engine. All this meant that three Panhards with 848 cc engines finished on the podium while fifth overall went to a BMW 700 with 697 cc. Volvo came with a fleet of 122 Amazons but this proved to be the wrong car due to the coefficients. At least Ewy Rosqvist and Monika Wallraf came second in the “Coupe des Dames”.

This Volvo P122 S has already been used in motor sports in Sweden and Denmark during the 1980s. It was only when Jürgen Noll purchased the car from Denmark, he turned it into a replica of the former works cars. Work on the Amazon began in 2006. After its restoration, Noll used the car on many regularity rallies.


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