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Year 1983
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 Yesterday : Hannu MIKKOLA / Arne HERTZ - Rallye Monte-Carlo 1983

For those of you who always wondered what the shortcut A1 stands for, here is the story. For the 1983 WRC season Audi homologated a new aluminium engine for the Audi Quattro, the A of aluminium gave the new car its name. The A1 still had an engine capacity of 2144 cc. This was changed for the Quattro A2 which was introduced in May 1983 and which only had a capacity of 2109 cc. The smaller capacity had the advantage that when applied with the turbo coefficient of 1.4 it still fell in the three-litre class and the car was thus able to run with less than 1000 kgs.

Bruno GERARDIN presents a replica of the car used during 1983 season.


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