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Patrick WOLF / Jochen FRANCKMANN (D/D)

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Year 1980
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Yesterday : Rainer GUTZEIT / John WELLBORN - Championnat d’Allemagne 1980

Rainer Gutzeit drove this Ford Escort RS2000 in the German Rally Championship of 1980. In Germany the car was famous for a big advertising campaign by its sponsor Hella. Thus, it is still well remembered although the results back then were not outstanding with eighth overall on the Metz Rallye Stein being the best result.

The Ford Escort RS2000 was a very popular car for privateers who did not have the budget or the will to run the Escort RS1800 with its complicated BDA engine. Instead of the 240 bhp of the four-valve BDA, the RS2000 engine only had two valves and 180 bhp. This was not sufficient for a major international career but it was enough for good results on national level. This RS2000 is the original Escort driven by Rainer Gutzeit in the German Championship.


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