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Yesterday : Roger CLARK / Jim PORTER - Scottish Rally 1967

The Ford Cortina Lotus is undoubtedly the car with which Ford began to write its history in competition. Released in 1963, the MK1 version has delighted many competitors, both on the circuit, in the famous saloon car races, and in rallies. The Acropolis Rally, the Swedish Rally or the RAC are all events on the Cortina's list. The MK2 which appeared in 1967 did not enjoy the same success. The drivers unanimously found it less efficient than the previous version, which even prompted Vic ELFORT to leave the oval brand to join Porsche. She nevertheless smiled at Roger CLARK who took her to the top step of the podium at the 1967 Scottish Rally. particularly high jump on hard landing.

This Cortina Lotus Mk2 was originally registered in the UK (which is why it is right hand drive) and when the owner moved to Switzerland he took the car with him . In 1972, it was sold to a Swiss specialist in car mechanics who used it on a daily basis, but also in club events such as auto slaloms and hill climbs. Years later, in 1976, he traded in the Cortina for the new Escort. Its story is not yet fully known, but what is clear is that it reappeared at an auto recycler in French-speaking Switzerland who, fortunately, did not put it in the crusher. Instead, he put the Cortina aside and undertook a restoration with the aim of competing in historic rallies. This work was not yet complete when this owner died in 2013. In 2016 Heinz Scholl bought the car from this man's widow, completed the restoration work and in 2017 managed to obtain a road registration . This has allowed him since 2019 to participate in the Alsace Rallye Festival.


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