Aerts smallPeugeot 104 ZS
Jean-Noël ROBERT / Mattéo ROBERT (B/B)

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Year 1982
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Yesterday : François CHAUCHE / Thierry BARJOU - Rallye Terre du Quercy 1982

François CHAUCHE is the most Finnish of the French pilots. "Chauchinen", as his opponents dubbed him, was one of the first riders to use left foot braking. His career was punctuated by numerous exploits, often at the wheel of small-displacement cars such as during the 1982 season with his 104 ZS in the colors of Peugeot France dealers.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 104 this year, Jean-Noël ROBERT and his son Mattéo were keen to complete the preparation of their car in order to be at the start of the Alsace Rallye Festival.

Parts and information were not easy to obtain, but the Belgian duo had the chance to see the vehicle from all angles at the Peugeot Adventure in Sochaux. Apart from a few common Samba parts, all other parts were made by the owners or through friends and colleagues. Jean-Noël has the chance to work in an Institute of Arts and Crafts and therefore to be well surrounded.


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