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Year 1985
Group B




Yesterday : Walter RÖHRL / Christian GEISTDÖRFER - San Remo Rally 1985

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The Audi Quattro Sport E2, also called Audi S1, is an evolution of the Quattro Sport.

After a chronic understeer, many measures are applied: the tracks are widened and, in addition to the battery, the oil tank and the oil radiators, the engine cooling radiator takes place in the boot. Much work has been done on aerodynamics to better flatten the car on the ground and ventilate the radiators located in the trunk. The space freed up by the radiator in the engine compartment made it possible to redefine the engine peripherals to increase the power of the car. In basic configuration, the power increases to 475 hp while at the end of its career it rises to more than 550 hp!

This Audi S1 is the most powerful World Rally Championship car ever entered, but despite that, it only won the 1985 Rally Sanremo.

Jean Conreau decided, in 2015, to build an Audi Quattro Sport S1E2. Many problems had to be overcome to make the body with roll bar and bring together the three cars necessary for construction. After much research, the realization of the budy is entrusted to a German preparer specialized in this kind of work. Seven months were required to assemble, cut, weld and paint. Jean Conreau and his team refurbished the gearbox, the axle and the engine, which can develop between 420 and 600 hp.



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