The historic rallies are fashionable. During events, such as the European Championship, the competition reigns. In other words, the vehicle must be as fast as possible. So the origin engine parts are generally replaced by a car restoring by more modern parts. Windows in makrolon with sliding openings replace those glasses that closed in the crank. The performances engine improved, the rolling trains are revised with shock absorbers which have nothing to envy to the WRC.

All this, does not correspond to our spirit. If on a Mini Cooper windows were glass, they have to remain so. If the interior was black matt, it not be grey.

Already an essential point begins before restoring the car: the research. How was the car in the past? Old pictures, newspaper articles or movies are so many precious indications, where they are not directly contacts with drivers or mechanics having worked on the old car. Before squeezing the first screw, it is necessary the chase the information on historical documents. On the basis of these elements, try to recreate the original most faithfully as possible. It is the details which make the difference. Many of beautiful restoring is spoiled by details. The drawings or the size of the wheels are vital in the general aspect for example.

The respect of the decoration is another important point. There, also the difference is made on details. It happens that the owner bases itself on small-scale models to reproduce in the scale a former competition car. Still has to be a faithful replica both in the tint of the body that in reproduction of the sponsors. Even there, the best way consists in bases itself on historical documents.  


Detail stratos


Personal sponsors are forbidden. An old Saab of the 60teens with a sticker promoting the last fashionable smartphone would be totally improper. It is also already arrive, that a driver removes the sticker of the old tyres manufacturer because another one proposed him a discount on its products. It is not in line with our philosophy.

The respect of the origin applies also to the mechanics. A ford Escort with a V8 engine would not be accepted. It is obvious that certain points can be modified.  A less sharp camshaft will allow increase the longevity of the engine. Or if a transmission for example will not be founded, it can naturally be replaced by another model. But more and more owners group them together to remake small series of the pieces.

We are larger for the security organs. Rollcage, seats, seatbelts can be replaced by more recent equipment’s. It would be irresponsible to favor the authenticity to the safety.




We have experts for every type of cars who known perfectly all the detail of the original model. They would estimate the cars and advise the owners to help them to improve their vehicle as closely as possible to the model of time. 

A word about reconstruction. The word replica is a terms which we do not want to use. Ours cars are not replicas. They are always reconstructed on the basis of a standard car. The rare and real cars of the group B are traded at the moment for near a half-million euros and driving them on rally stages can represent for the owner a financial risk. Actually some embark on a reconstruction. And often it’s a long and expensive operation. We estimate very preciously this reconstruction and if the car gets close to the original they are admitted. An almost complete replica is better than a missing piece of the rally history. Dermott Simpson is a good example. He possesses the real Audi Sport Quattro that Michèle Mouton drove at the RAC on 1984. This car is in his garage at home. But he has reconstructed the same car to run with us by saying himself to us: “If I bang with this car, this upset me, but at least, I shall not have damaged the original of 1984.”

Finally we reserve a quite particular place for the category “B”.  If the car is small or big, popular or famous, if a car presents an international or national interest, this category is made for the car.


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