Aerts smallLancia Beta Montecarlo - Udo RADERMACHER / Paul RADERMACHER GARCIA (D/D)

Kategory   SLO1
Year 1979
Group 4



Yesterday : Tiziano CAGALLI / Giovani BOTRINI - Rally Team 971 1981

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At the end of the 1960s, Fiat worked on replacing the 850 Spider and 124 Spider. At the Turin Motor Show, Pininfarina presented a coupe fitted with the 4 cylinder 1800 cc of the 124 in the central position and stamped with the Fiat emblem. But at the Geneva Motor Show the following year, the same study sports the Lancia logo and is powered by a 2-liter original Fiat 132 (the same one that also equips the Lancia Trevi and Beta) developing 120 hp. Between these two meetings, Fiat realized that with some modifications, the Spider 124 was suitable for the American market. Lancia, which recently joined the Fiat group, thus inherits this coupe which allows the Turin-based firm to offer a sports model that has so far been sorely absent from its range. It is also in tribute to the three victories at the Monte Carlo Rally (Chiron-Basadonna in 1954 on Aurelia, Munari-Manucci in 1972 on the Fulvia HF and Munari-Manucci in 1975 on the Stratos), that the coupe is baptized Montecarlo (in one word).

Despite its name, the Beta Montecarlo will be mainly engaged on the circuit in a group 5 version with turbocharger, and will have a confidential career in rallying. It should be noted that the Italian team Cagalli Tuning entered a car at the Rallye Monte Carlo 1979 and the Rally Team 971 in 1981. It is this version that Udo RADERMACHER has reproduced.

Udo RADERMACHER is a development engineer in the automotive industry. He is also the technical commissioner at the FIA for Formula 1 and the WRC. He bought a Beta Montecarlo in 2006 which he transformed into group 4, in accordance with annex J of 1981 and his homologation form. He made it a point of honor to use only vintage components, without resorting to modern parts. He enters his car in regularity and demonstration events such as the Alsace Rallye Festival.



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