Aerts smallAudi Quattro A2
Bernard & Véronique SCHREIBER (F/F)

Category   SLOWLY
Year 1984
Group B



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 Yesterday : Walter RÖHRL / Christian GEISTDÖRFER - Rallye de Nouvelle Zélande 1984

For those who have always wondered what the designation A2 meant, here is the explanation: in 1983, Audi homologated a new aluminum engine, therefore lighter, with the designation A1 (A for aluminium). While the displacement remained at 2144 cc for the A1, it was reduced to 2109 cc for the Quattro A2 which was homologated on May 1, 1983. The displacement reduction made it possible to go down one class of displacement and to lower the certification weight to less than 1000 kg.

Bernard and Véronique SCHREIBER, are faithful to the Alsace Rallye Festival with their replica of the car used by Walter RÖHRL during the 1984 season.


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