Aerts smallPeugeot 309 GTI
Daniel JUNGER / Klaus SCHMIDT (D/D)

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Year 1987
Group A



Yesterday : Kalle GRUNDEL / Klaus HOPFE - Championnat d'Allemagne 1989

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After the ban on Group B, Peugeot-Talbot Sport made the decision to withdraw from rallies in order to move towards rally-raids. Peugeot Germany wanted to continue its commitment to traditional rallies and prepared for the 1989 season a 309 GTI for Kalle GRUNDEL and Klaus HOPFE. The crew will finish second in the Hessen Rallye and then third in Hunsrück, so that at the end of the year GRUNDEL will finish fourth in the German Championship.

Daniel JÜNGER is passionate about Peugeot and a great specialist in the brand. In January 2018, thanks to his privileged relationship with Peugeot, he was able to acquire this 309. The car thus returns to a family that has known it well. Indeed, his father was a mechanic at Peugeot Germany and built and maintained this 309 and Daniel himself was at that time an apprentice and serviced GRUNDEL. His father is still servicing the Peugeot today.


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