Aerts smallDe Tomaso Pantera
René SERRIERE / Frédérik HUGUET (F/F)

Category   SLOWLY
Year 1973
Group 4



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Yesterday : Ugo LOCATELLI - Rally Cesana Sestriere 1972

Only a handful of drivers have dared to enter a De Tomaso Pantera in rallying. We have more often seen this car on the circuit or in hill races where its V8 of nearly 6 liters of displacement could express itself at ease.

Spectators who attended French hill races in the 80s still remember the one that Bernard Degout entered in group 3. It then moved to group 4. It took part in many historic events (Tour de Corse, Tour Auto) before changing ownership. René SERRIERE will take the wheel this year for his first participation in the Alsace Rallye Festival.


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