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Yesterday : Malcom WILSON / Ron PALMER - RAC Rally 1977

In 1977, at the start of his career, a fiery young driver named Malcolm Wilson won Group 1 at the RAC Rally of Britain. It was the start of a long career, much of his career dedicated to the oval brand, until today still defending the colors in the WRC through its M-Sport structure.

Yves VERBIEST's car was put into circulation for the first time in France in 1979. It was then sold in Belgium and then bought by Jean-Louis MEYNART of the company LEGENDARY (well known in the world of historic racing cars) who transformed it into a rally car for rental. After around twenty rental events, the current owner acquired it in 2014. It was partially dismantled and restored, both mechanically and bodywork, by several Belgian Escort specialists (HB RACING IMPROVEMENT- ANDES) and adorned with its decoration recalling the victory in Group 1 at the RAC Rally 1977.

Yves VERBIEST and his brother regularly enter the car during historic climbs or regularity rallies but also during demonstration events such as the Alsace Rallye Festival.


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